The Hans Fund is inspired by the spirit of Hans Saari to encourage others to pursue ambitious goals and to provide opportunities to achieve new heights in ski mountaineering.

The Hans Saari Memorial Fund is dedicated to the memory of Hans Saari, his passion for skiing, his desire to learn, and his belief in careful planning and safety. First and foremost, Hans loved everything about the sport of skiing: the feel of the turn, the rhythm of the run, the exhilaration of the descent. But skiing was more than an athletic endeavor to Hans. It was the lens through which he saw and experienced the world. His adventures were opportunities to accept physical and mental challenges, visit new places and people, and explore other cultures. We believe the way Hans experienced and communicated through this sport is to be encouraged in others.

The mission of the HSMF is to foster an appreciation for skiing and its personal challenges, alpine environments, and mountain cultures by promoting ski exploration and avalanche education. The Hans Fund will contribute to the ski community and the sport of ski mountaineering by sponsoring and encouraging innovative ski expeditions and education programs. We aim to raise the level of awareness and expertise among those traveling in avalanche terrain, and to help skiers and members of the ski community achieve their exploration and educational goals through the sport of skiing.