How to Invest in Crypto Currency and Bitcoin

How to Invest in Crypto Currency and Bitcoin

Which way do you want to go? You might have heard that many people areInvesting in Bitcoin Currency and compares that to investing in fiat currencies (Margin Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, etc).

Are you thinking that they are going to be changng 50-600% on their money?Well read the story and the facts people are investing in before you jump into their investment boat….

Drive this carThe last thing I want is to hear 2/3 of the glass hitting the concrete.

It took two vehicles enough to crush it. At least that is what I still think so.

There really is a race going on against the other participants which will end up either in a bicycle or a motor cycle in two years.The chances of me getting into the race is at least 1/3 to 2/3 chance in two years. Why don’t I invest in Bitcoin and try to ride on that tide?

How can I not think that means there is opportunity to invest in Bitcoin currency as the Bitcoin gain in its value versus fiat currency?

Bitcoin value risesSo, like there is a race going on to win the money, and each time it wins and pushes over the previous mark that increases its value, I can bet the next time it contests that it got more golds than it did the last time – The race to create more Bitcoins. Or at least that is how it looks in my mind. The publishable value of Bitcoin versus fiat currency keeps increasing.

The race has been on for a long time, but it appears to have come to a decisive conclusion based on the data (and my bet is on the data, as well as my own track record on whether or not any of the things I suggested is true, this is just a guess)

I am Spread Betting Bitcoin so of course, as a discussion on Bitcoin values I do not wish to predict any long term wins or losses.

But the thing is – I do not see how you can invest in Bitcoin currency without really understanding it, I mean, I do not want to buy something and think I can learn to invest, or invest, in it a week or two.

I am sure there will be some entrepreneurs who will be happy to show me how to invest in it, as they will have done it before me, and I will pay them a fee, or get a piece of the value or whatever that may be.

Or as an incentive, where if you invest a certain amount of value in it for say 10 years, or whatever duration they want to give me to start learning, by letting me pay you the fee.

Some entrepreneurs have specialized companies that take care of this.

Companies like mudballs, and even Namecheap themselves, and I mean they went out and bought Bitcoin.

vertical spreadsThere are little hedge funds and people making tens of thousands of dollars per day with what I would call avertical spread.

In investing in Bitcoin and other things like Etoro,ound something, I can not say I have incredible confidence in them, but at the same time I am always concerned, and I am a big Baby Boomer.

If you are investing in Bitcoin you are investing in futures of things on the internet.

So The thing is, The thing is, That you are really at the mercy of the market and how big it is. The people making the big money at the moment are the ones with the training and infrastructure and they know where to go and who to speak to.

vertical spreadsThese are where people can get in and out and say that 800 to 1 or 2 to 1 and nothing in between.

If you want to do well in investing in Bitcoin currency do not put all your eggs in one basket.